Iceman Kimi Räikkönen

Kimi at West Web Chat 2002

Kimi answering questions from his fans in the West Web chat.

 Question from Joonas :
Is “” your e-mail address? Do you have one?
Answer: Hi there – First of all sorry that I’m a bit late but I have been testing all day in Jerez in Spain and have only just got back to my hotel……Joonas – this is not my email address – sorry…

 Question from Joonas :
How often do your friends visit you on a Grand Prix weekend?
Answer: It’s not often but last year I think I had friends with me at about four races. However I don’t get to spend so much time with them at the races as I’m always very busy

Question from gav:
Kimi, what is your favourite aspect of F1 racing?
Answer: Easy – it’s being in the car going flat out

Question from Barrichello:
What do you think about pilots’ Brazilian ?
Answer: They are quick but not quick enough!

Question from Marius Israel:
I think you will also brake with the left foot. Is it difficult for you to change again, when using a road car with standard clutch? b.t.w.: Did Kikka already told you about my Fanpage project? &
Answer: Hi Marius – I do brake with my left foot and it´s not too big a problem to change as my car is an automatic…I haven’t seen your websites but I will have a look later

Question from Milivoje Kovacevic:
What can you say about your ambitions for next season? Could you be in better then David? Would Michael be champion again? Are you ready to continue there were Mika Hakkinen stopped? Best Regards, Milivoje Kovacevic, Journalist from Montenegro
Answer: The aim as always is to win as many races as we can…I can’t predict what will happen but I know that the team and myself will do the best we can = keep your fingers crossed

Question from Emzi:
What is your favorite Finnish band?

Question from Mari:
Hy Kimi, I`m a big Fan of you! Wanna ask, if u come sometimes on your Official Website? lg mari
Answer: Yes for sure.

Question from Andrew D’Hooge:
Where do you see yourself and the McLaren team in five years?
Answer: Worldchampions

Question from Jayne:
What would you like for Christmas?
Answer: Just to spend some time with my girlfriend and my family relaxing and eating too much – like everybody else I guess

Question from Henry Hutahayan:
Hello, my name Henry Hutahayan. I’m from Indonesia. Kimi you’re my favorite driver and I’m happy because you join in Mclaren in this year because Mclaren is the only one my favorite team. I just want your promise to win the race in 2003 (maybe in France or anywhere) and I’ll pray for that. Would you keep your promise…???? Thank you.
Answer: I’ll do my best!

Question from Marcin Makowski:
Kimi, how did you feel when you drove F1 car for the first time?
Answer: I remember it clearly – it was at Mugello and It was very nice indeed and so different than anything else I have ever driven before…FANTASTIC!!!

Question from Olli:
Kimi, miten meni testit tänään? Kuinka usein sä käyt Suomessa? Onks Sveitsi kiva paikka? Hyvää onnea kaudelle 2003….
Answer: testit meni aika huonosti kun oli ongelmia koko paivan…sveitsi on tosi jees!!!! kiitti

Question from Rand Miller:
In your opinion, how much of your great ability is natural and not learned? What details have you observed about Schumacher that show he can be beaten? I know for certain you can do it!!!!! Go for it!!!
Answer: For sure you can learn always, but the main thing is to bring quite a lot of natural talent with you, otherwise it is difficult. And about Schumacher, I’ll better keep that for myself as he might be in the chat.

Question from TheKanisteri:
Have you tried karting on snow?
Answer: Easy answer no but I would like to try it

Question from claudiii:
How many languages do you speak and which??
Answer: Two – Finnish and English

Question from hakki:
What do you think about your first year with McLaren and do you still have contacts with Mika Häkkinen?
Answer: Yes I am still in touch with Mika, I just met him last week. Well the season was quite difficult as I had a few problems.

Question from claudiii:
What will you do on new year´s eve??
Answer: I’m not going to tell…but it will fun

Question from claudiii:
What was your favourite subject in school??
Answer: I liked sports….particulary when we did icehockey in wintertime

Question from Hinesh:
Hi Kimi! What was your best lap time in testing today?
Answer: 1:22:49 – something like that –

Question from Kylie:
Whose idea was the diamond-like motif on your helmet and does it have any meaning?
Answer: I only had it on my helmet from last year I think…it was done by the Finnish guy Uffe who paints my helmet

Question from Ammika:
Have you still a residence in Finland?
Answer: No

Question from Raikkie:
Do you watch other motorsports, like DTM ?
Answer: I pretty much watch all motorsports on TV…

Question from claudiii:
Whats your favourite food and drink??
Answer: I really like chicken pasta…….and enjoy a cola or two

Question from powered_by_M-B:
Hi! What car do you drive? Is it still your dream to drive for Ferrari? As they are a BUNCH OF CHEATS!!
Answer: Mercedes-Benz CLK. Ferrari? No, not really.

Question from VICTOR BORG:
I am Victor from Malta and as a supporter of McLaren I want to ask you, may be is too early, how do you think of 2003 new car especially about its reability and speed.
Answer: It´s too early to say anything -at the moment I’m driving the MP4-17 and I will not be using the MP4-18 until the start of the 2003 European season

Question from claudiii:
What is your favorite country??
Answer: Finland

Question from Mari:
What is your favourite movie?
Answer: I really liked “Gone in 60 seconds”

Question from Jani:
Käyttääkö mclaren ens vuonna tallimääräyksiä?
Answer: ei käytä!!!!

Question from Joonas:
How much does it mean to you having many loyal fans?
Answer: It´s nice to have fans and I really like all the support I get!!!

Question from Sue Hopgood:
Dear Kimi, Congratulations to you on your stunning start to your Formula-One career. As “The Iceman” you always seem so cool and unfazed by everything. Is there ever a time when you are nervous about anything?? Race day, waiting for the lights to go green? Visiting the dentist? Flying? Anything??? Thanks for answering this question (if you do!!!) Sending you every good wish for your F1 career Kimi, you’ve got a fan for life, take care, love from Sue.
Answer: I always get a little nervous before the race but it´s pretty normal I guess…once you start you forget all about it

Question from Steve Cooper:
Apart from Ferrari, which teams and drivers will be your principal opposition in 2003?
Answer: Hi Steve – Williams no doubt

Question from infosztrada.com_ChiefEditor:
Have you got friend from the other drivers?
Answer: I’m good friends with Mika but really don’t have friends as such among the other drivers..

Question from Finn75:
Best overtaking manouver in the history of Formula1?
Answer: Mika Häkkinen overtaking M Schumacher in Spa 2000

Question from Saartje:
Who is your favorite rally-driver?
Answer: Tommi Mäkkinen & Markus Grönholm…both Finnish of course

Question from vera:
Do you know Apulanta?
Answer: yes i know!

Question from tim drummond:
What do you do to keep fit?
Answer: All kinds of different sports – gym, running, cycling….

Question from Suvi:
Will you and Jenni spend new year with us in secret location at northern finland?
Answer: eipä taida onnata kun on muita suunnitelmia 🙂

Question from Joonas:
You have a tattoo on your wrist – it pictures a green sun; how old were you when you took it?
Answer: Joonas – lots of questions from you -sorry I can’t answer them all……It´s actually black and I had it done during the 2001 summer

Question from Lauren:
Do you have your own motorhome?
Answer: No

Question from Mari:
Do you like Joonas and Clauiii?
Answer: Well, they have asked a lot of questions Mari!

Question from Jayne:
If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you take with you?
Answer: Lots of food, girlfriend and a helicopter

Question from saz:
2 years ago Mika Hakkinan drove through Woking, see his fans. If the option arose would you accept and do the same?
Answer: Yes – I like driving on the streets.

Question from Mari:
I`m ashamed!
Answer: You better are.

Question from Melvin:
Hi Kimi,what is the best race you have last year?
Answer: Magny Cours

Question from _PRC_Michelin:
Will you visit Russia someday??And what do you think about Russia?
Answer: I have been there already three times for winter carting – ups I have done already carting on snow

Question from Mihajlo_Zahorodni_Kimi_Raikkonen:
Kimi, what does your girlfriend says about your driving in F1?
Answer: She is happy, she can cope with it.

Question from hello_kimi:
Do you like german people??
Answer: Yes they’re ok.

Question from Varun:
Kimi, please answere at least one question of mine… do you feel that Mclaren have chances of beating Ferrari in 2003? Best of luck in your endeavour, Varun.
Answer: Yes – I know that we are all working very very very hard to do this..

Question from teppo:
Do you think you will do well in the new qualifying system with only one fast lap?
Answer: I do not think it does a big difference

Question from infosztrada.com_ChiefEditor:
What do you think about the Hunagroring and the Hungarian Grand Prix? Have you got a message for hungarian fans?
Answer: It is quite nice – I like it and obviously there are a lot of Finnish fans. Just a bit difficult for overtaking. Hi to all hungarians in the chat

Question from infosztrada.com_ChiefEditor:
Have you got good relationship with West McLaren Mercedes’s leaders?
Answer: Sorry – I can’t answer all the questions as there are so many…..I have a good relationship with all of them and we get on really well.

Question from f1sl:
Do you pee standing up or sitting down?
Answer: standing!

Question from Karen:
Will you be visiting the Paragon when it´s finished? And what do you think of the new regulations?
Answer: I have already been to Paragon but that was a year ago and I think a lot has happened since then so I look forward to going soon….I think that qualifying will become a lot more interesting for the fans

Question from renich:
Hej Kimi, did you enjoy your visit in Poland??
Answer: yes I did, was quite good.

Question from teppo:
Which circuit do you like best now that Spa is no longer in the calendar?
Answer: Probably Monaco to be honest – great challenge and atmosphere

Question from Mihajlo_Zahorodni_Kimi_Raikkonen:
Kimi, thank you for the answer, it really ment a lot to me, you know I hope mercedes’s engine will be much competitive and stronger next year so you could finally show everyone who is Kimi Raikkonen!!!
Answer: cheers

Question from John A:
Is there any track that you have driven on that you would like to see added to the season?
Answer: Donington Park

Question from tadiohead:
What was your greatest and worst moment in F1 so far?
Answer: Best was first podium in Australia and worst was Magny Cours

Question from vera:
Have you ever been in Disneyland?
Answer: No – but I would like to go one day

Question from infosztrada.com_ChiefEditor:
Kimi! We wish you all the bests for season 2003!
Answer: cheers

Question from Risto:
Are you faster than Michael Shumacher?
Answer: Yes

Question from Risto:
Who is your favourite nascar driver?
Answer: I don’t watch it as much as I would like as it´s hard to find it on TV in Europe but I like Jeff Gordon

Question from Varun:
Have you been 2 India?
Answer: No, never.

Question from Maria14Hungary:
Are you bought some christmas gifts till this time?
Answer: No not yet……….I have to go shopping now…..Seriously I have to leave now as its been a long day. I’m going to have something to eat and then bed as its an early start tomorrow here in Jerez. I’m sorry that I have not been able to answer all your questions but there have been so many…thanks for your support. I have tried to keep the answers short to get through as many questions as possible. Thanks for attending the chat and I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Question from markus sytelä:
Was it really only because of oil, that you slipped out of the track in Magny-Cours?
Answer: joo muuten oli tilanne hallussa koko ajan mutta joskus voi käydä noinkin!! / and in english YES!

Question from Chatmaster:
Thanks a lot folks for sending all the questions, we had really much more than we expected (almost 2000). Just for your information – Kimi will be testing in Jerez until Saturday together with Alex Wurz. Afterwards he will be “released” for his X-mas holiday. See you next time at the West Web Chat 😉
Answer: Bye Bye


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