Iceman Kimi Räikkönen

Räikkönen has eyes in his back

They say that some top sportsmen have eyes in their back. The senior physician of Finland’s Olympic Committee Aki Hintsa can scientifically prove that formula star Kimi Räikkönen belongs to this elite group.  

“We found out in our neurological examinations that Kimi has an exceptionally well developed ability to give a form to time, place and shape. It’s a neuropsychological feature and it gives a guy like Kimi who works in a speed of 360 km/h an enormous advantage.” As a neurosurgeon Hintsa knows that he himself has a very good ability to give form too. “But Kimi’s ability can be considered as exceptional. It’s an inbuilt ability that is almost as fast as a lightning. A thing like this, to say it out loud, is really special”, Hintsa emphasises.

The ability to give a form to 3-dimensional events is something every person has according to Hintsa. “We all have it. It might be poorly developed, well developed or extremely well developed. You need it in everyday life but it gives you a substantial advantage especially in sport. A person who can give form very well reacts automatically fast and exactly like the situation requires whereas a slower has to think about different things”, Hintsa describes. “It’s like having an excellent eye for the game in ball games but there’s more to it. In tests you can see who has a natural talent and who hasn’t. Kimi’s ability to act in racing situations comes straight from his backbone. He doesn’t need time to think, he just does the right decisions naturally. He can give form to an upcoming situation practically automatically and can because of that make just the right decision”, Hintsa praises.

When you may face the most unbelieavable situations in GP’s, the ability to draw the 3 dimensional line into the right spaces helps to direct the car in a top speed exactly the right way. Eyesight has nothing to do with this ability. “Let’s take X-Y-Z -space in which a bullet draws a certain line. When asked how the bullet moved, 99 % of the people start to think and draw the movement of the bullet. But then someone like Kimi can just show you exactly how the movement was born including the impression of depth. He doesn’t have to think. It just is there”, Räikkönen’s doctor praised.

Even Mika Häkkinen had an ability to give form that worked excellently. “When you follow Mika’s interviews and when he is asked about a certain racing incident, Mika usually draws the answer in the air. That expresses this special feature, how Mika saw what happened and remembers it so vividly. An exceptional special ability is a gift that is almost impossible to test. When the skill comes from the genes and is natural you can enforce and improve it by being in the situation all the time. That way you can learn to keep up the ability for as long as you need it”, Hintsa said. Neurological tests are done to race drivers just in case. If some serious accident happens we know the basic level the sportsman had before the accident. Häkkinen was in a tragic accident in Adelaide qualification in 1995. The serious skull injury almost killed him. “God has built human being’s brains in a magnificent way. There’s a great capacity that isn’t even used. When damaged nervecells don’t renew themself again there’s new routes to replace them.” Hintsa says that Häkkinen became an even more whole person after the accident.

Räikkönen himself doesn’t care at all about Hintsa’s flattering research results about a race driver’s exceptional eye for the game. “Doctors know about those things, I don’t. I haven’t noticed anything special. I have been in some examinations. I guess it’s some kind of a technology. And I most certainly don’t see any better than anybody else who has a normal eyesight,” Räikkönen thinks.

Source: Turun Sanomat 18.6.2005, Text: Heikki Kulta

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