Iceman Kimi Räikkönen

Interview with Kimi and Jenni 2003

Kimi and Jenni are made for each other. The couple is sitting side by side during the interview. They have been together already for two and a half years but they still don’t get to remove the eyes of the other. They fell in love at the contest Miss Scandinavia where Jenni was crowned to the new winner. €

Jenni: “We can say that was love the first view. Kimi arrived with some friends. When they were on the way to the event, the guys joked that he could be expecting the love of his life.” €

Kimi: “We already knew each other. Of course I had already seen pictures of Jenni in magazines and she pictures of me. Both of us had some prejudice against us coming from the media, for that I didn’t run immediately to speak with her.” €

Kimi is known as a shy boy, but he took the initiative €
Jenni: “I will always remember the first sentence of Kimi “You are a wonderful lady”. I found it very cute. It was not such a traditional approach.” €

The prejudices disappeared immediately when elapsing of the night. Both had images totally different of each other. Hotel rooms and food of room service became very familiar to the young couple. €

Jenni: “When we lived a long time in hotels, I remember how I dreamed about our own home where we could simply cook the home-made every-day food and to do our own coffee. Home-made food is simply home-made food, the best of all. Now we have this home type in Switzerland. At first I missed Finland because we didn’t have a room where we could relax and the spare times to pass”. €

Jenni and Kimi live in their house in Switzerland since more than one year now. A house of 400 square meters, three floors and a beautiful view at a lake. €

Jenni: “I wanted to furnish the place with Finnish style. You can describe our house as the Scandinavian decoration with clear colors. It is very modern but fortunately comfortable”. €

The couple passes the little time they have with practicing sports, what is their dearest hobby
Jenni: “We have a gymnastic room down in the cellar where we go and we almost sweated the whole day there. It is much easier to go there than into a public academy.” €

The great swimming pool in the garden also belongs to the modern house.  Although Jenni and Kimi’s life has changed significantly, they still have their old friends in Finland. €

Jenni: “Kimi still goes out with those boys that united us. Both of us liked our old friends much more than before. Easily we can share our secrets without doubts.” €

Kimi: “We have a normal home-life like any other couple in our age. We rest on the sofa, we watch films, we are going to the shopping-centre and we cook. Jenni is the queen of the kitchen here home”. €

Jenni: “It is true. Kimi plays his cards very well that he doesn’t need to go to the kitchen. I remember once he made mashed potatoes. His generous purpose surprised me. When it was ready and we began to eat them, I was imagining that thing he bounced in that. Kimi had not peeled the potatoes and because of that the food seemed so strange. His explanation was that all the nutrients are in the peel.”

The physiotherapist that lives in the neighborhood also noticed that Kimi is much better in driving than in cooking
Jenni: “He bought Kimi two cookbooks of chickens. I am anxious to see that type gourmet dishes Kimi will cook now. Any form of chicken it is our favorite food.” €

When the young couple is out of holidays in Finland, all their steps are followed
Jenni: “Being a celebrity limits our life here in Finland. Kimi is much more popular here than in Switzerland. Nobody is really interested in what we do there. Tub Turner is our neighbor and she can leave easily without her wig that nobody cares with that”. €

Kimi: “Living that lifestyle has it´s good sides and bad sides. You always have to remind of what the people are interested in knowing about you, what are you doing and where you are going. But that should not be the most important thing in your head. Definitively you would go mad if you have to sit at home the whole time.” €

Jenni and Kimi are the best friends. To live together is very easy and simple and the couple likes spending time together. They share everything and they solve the problems together. They still didn’t have great fights. €

Jenni: “We hardly fight. We can discuss sometimes because we are both stubborn people and we don’t give up easily. Kimi is always the first who comes to excuse.”

Kimi: “The people frequently ask if we have time for each other. I think that we are more together than normal couples. Actually we are together 24 hours a day. You cannot take your girlfriend with to the work in every relationship.” €

It’s Kimi’s desire that Jenni goes with him to all the GP´s
Kimi: “That means a lot for me. It is great that the person that means the world for you is there twisting and maintaining the crossed fingers. If the race was not very good at least you have somebody to be angry at.”

The support of each other belongs to their lives
Jenni: “We live mainly according to the calendar of Kimi. I organize my own things in a way that it doesn’t disturb the races or his tests.”

Engagement means a relationship promise for Kimi and Jenni
Kimi: “I don’t get to understand why the people play with those things. When I propose the engagement to Jenni, I knew that she was the love of my life. Love at the first view, like they said. If you don’t feel well living together, why are you spending time with the other? “

Jenni: “We will get married some day, but it is not our goal now. The marriage needs a lot of organization and we have to prepare everything according to the calendar of Kimi. I heard rumors in Finland about the day of our marriage. How could that be true if we even don’t know yet the exact day? ” €

Both adore children a lot€
Kimi: “We want to have children in the future and to start a family. A F1 driver can found a family as well as anyone else. At this moment our life is very busy. To found a family and to get married is not part of our plans at this time. Besides I think both of us are too young”. €

How does Kimi spoil Jenni? €
Jenni: “Bringing me some sweets” smiles Jenni and she adds that all the small surprises are important, “the way the things are given and their meaning. It doesn’t matter if that are sweet or something different”. €

Kimi and Jenni will spend Christmas in Finland
Jenni: “Although we have a beautiful house in Switzerland we could not imagine spending Christmas there alone. Christmas is a family traditional celebration and that is how we want to spend it. We will stay at Kimi’s parents and my parents’ homes. We will eat well and we will take advantage of the harmony of Christmas.” €

When we ask the couple about the most memorable moment lived together the answer comes automatically: “It was the day when we met each other for the first time”, the lovers say together.


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