Iceman Kimi Räikkönen

Interview on drivers parade: Dancing shoes

Q: Kimi, you even didn´t open up your umbrella. Why that?
Kimi: It is too windy, so I don´t want that the umbrella fly away.

Q: You are getting all wet, do you like the situation?
Kimi: I think I would prefer to be dry. It´s better to drive there. But it doesn´t rain enough and it´s also not dry, so it´s a difficult choice with the tires.

Q: What about your shoes? What kind of shoes are this?
Kimi: Yes, that are my dancing shoes. That my other shoes don´t get wet. So it´s perfect.

Q: You are sounding a little bit different. Are you ill a little bit or is all ok?
Kimi: Yea, I am a little bit ill, but this has been the whole week like this already.  So it is not too bad.

Q: Ok, and it´s definitely not too hot. So what about the race today? There are very difficult conditions and starting from pole position, what do you expect?
Kimi: Of course it is the best start position under that conditions, because of in the back you don´t see anything and I hope I can stay in the front.

Q: Do you think you can keep Massa behind? Because I think on the long terms the Ferraris are a bit faster.
Kimi: I don´t know. Let´s wait. We simply have to look what happens in the race, but we try to give our best.


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