Iceman Kimi Räikkönen

Exclusive Interview with Kimi 2008

He is laughing, he can laugh and also talk if he wants. And suddenly he wanted to: Kimi Matias Räikkönen, World-Champion. Voiceless, silent and boring he seems to be, but he isn´t. He is only a Finn like his father Matti, mother Paula and brother Rami.

Kimi: In the family we also don´t speak so much and we also don´t phone all the time. Sure, when I am at home in Finland with my parents and my older brother Rami, we talk about the normal things in the life, but not about racing because everybody knows that this is not one thing I like to talk too much, when I am off the work.

Father, a roadman, mother Paula a small clerk and little Kimi early had big dreams:
Kimi: I guess when I was 8 years old, I said to my mum:” Mum I am gonna be world-champion, but I don´t know in which kind of sport.”

Kimi and cars, that only could become a career like this. For him, they gave up their last shirt, only had a privy, but instead of a new toilet, his kart was repaired first, because what is a toilet in comparison to a little, happy child.

Kimi: As a child I was bored very fast, had to do something all the time and was wild at some things, but some simply are like this. Now in that thing I came down more, but this is normal for everybody.

But he is still wild. A life between Vodka and Vine. He likes breaking out privately and sometimes fell out of the frame, like in the comedy classic: “Boat drop in a higher alcoholic level with a harpoon.”

Kimi: No, I haven´t changed anything, and will not change it. The people only leave me alone more, disturb me less, don´t write so much about it anymore. I lead my life on like this, it worked very good so far and the private stuff never influenced my performance. When I would realize that I am doing something wrong, I would overthink my attitude. I want to enjoy my life, as long as I can. You need something else than Motorsports in your life. I have great friends, a fantastic family and my wife, I have everything, so I enjoy my life, that´s the main thing.

The wild guy also has a soft side. Since 4 years he is married to model Jenni.
Kimi: For sure I want to have children one day, but in Formula 1 you don´t have time, appointments all the time, so that´s probably not the right time now. If I have children I want to have much time for them, especially when they are small. For sure I wanna have kids when I am still young, but I still have many , many years, so one day I will have.



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