Iceman Kimi Räikkönen

Jenni doesn’t cling to Kimi’s races

If Formula1 driver Kimi Räikkönen and his friends had in 5th of October 2001 decided to go party in to somewhere else than Vanajalinna, Finland might have one more model working actively. But Räikkönen was there and fastened his eyes on Jenni Dahlman, who was just about to hand over her crown to her successor.

The young love flared up. Only three weeks after the meeting Kimi flew with a helicopter to Jenni’s 20th birthday party in Turku, and only half a year after the meeting the 22 years old rising formula driver got engaged with his girl with a ring of white gold. Jenni’s studies in economics were still incomplete and after the Miss year there was no lack of job. But Jenni chose otherwise: she wanted to be near to her loved one and travelled with her husband from one pits to the next. Model’s job was offered to her on the pits too but she refused. Instead she said ”I do” to Kimi in the last day of July 2004. There have been gossips around Kimi and Jenni’s relationship from the beginning – due to that despite their status as celebrities they both have lived like anyone in that age who likes to party. But at least in public Kimi and Jenni have dismissed the rumors.

For sure we want childern!
Jenni tells of her everyday life and of her life with Kimi. She and Kimi love children – but it’s not quite yet time for them. Jenni Dahlman-Räikkönen has eaten her morning porridge in her home in Switzerland. The husband Kimi is on work somewhere around the world. Jenni drives from the couple´s home in Wollerau through the landscapes of Lake Zürich towards rent stable. There her horses Simon, Maximus, Athinus and Pedro happily crunch their oats. “My horses have a career but I ride an hour per day on each of them. I do not dream about Olympics even though I take this seriously. I can’t train entirely professional, for sure I want to be with my husband too and that means lots of traveling with him.” Jenni has been competing in show jumping for couple of years. Her next content with the four horses is Sun Shine Tour in southern Spain in the mid of February. Jenni flies to Jerez for five weeks. Horses will be transported there by car. “I’ll be in Spain five weeks, but at least once I’ll fly to where Kimi is, where ever he happens to be in. I’m not yet sure of my own schedule so I can’t make exact plans.”

Jenni got time to visit Finland five times last year. Mother-in-law is going to pay a visit to the young couple at next week, Jenni’s parents before this year ends. Old friends haven’t forsaken her either. “I’ve received new friends here in Switzerland, both in the horse circles and other places. One of my closest ones is one wife of a Finnish hockey player.” Jenni gives a laugh to the everlasting questions about dreams of addition to the family. “We are in no hurry, we are so young yet. Kimi has years of driving left, and I still want to ride. You can’t ride if you’re knocked up! But at some time – for sure we want children.”


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