Iceman Kimi Räikkönen

Mother’s son

It’s an interesting experience to be beside Paula Räikkönen and watch her follow Monaco qualification. Ask anyone from McLaren’s staff.

When Kimi appears in the plasma-television mother Räikkönen is twisting like she would have a cramp, she hardly breathes and she lives completely with every twitch the McLaren-car has. Paula Räikkönen confesses that occasionally she feels like she is in Kimi’s car and can feel in her pants how the car hits a bump. McLaren’s staff joke that they are almost more interested in following mother Räikkönen emphatizing with Kimi’s performance than they are with following the actual racing.

In Monaco the quali went well. It made the mother’s heart pound with joy. At home Paula and Matti Räikkönen watch Kimi’s races in separate rooms and from separate televisions. The reason for this is their different ways of following them. Mother emphatizes, just like in GP’s, while father Räikkönen looks at events analyzing them in a cold and cool way. It’s easy to determine from which one Kimi has inherited his calmness and coolness. But even Räikkönen’s temper boils over sometimes. When the car didn’t work in Barcelona’s quali at all Kimi was swearing in both English and Finnish in every corner. It’s good that there’s at least one place where he can complain when nothing works. Räikkönen wouldn’t even by accident critisise his car, engine or team in front of the media.

From: Turun Sanomat, Heikki Kulta, 23.5.2004

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