Iceman Kimi Räikkönen

Mother-Räikkönen: Kimi is liberated

Kimi Räikkönen’s mother Paula says his son has changed into more liberated after his switch to Ferrari.

His mother says that the Italian mentality suits Kimi. “The one thing that has been so wonderful to see is how liberated and happy Kimi is. He is full of excitement and highly motivated”, Paula Räikkönen described Kimi’s feeling at Ferrari. According to Paula Kimi didn’t like the mold he was squeezed in at McLaren. “He doesn’t love strong authorities. The mold he had to fit in in his latest team must have been quite stressing.” The publicity around Kimi amazes his mother sometimes. “Sometimes you think that is it true that they are talking about our boy? I just can’t seem to internalize it and maybe it is for the better, not to internalize it so much”, Paula said.

Kimi’s father Matti thinks that it will take some time to get used to finding Kimi from the red car. “It may happen that I look again after three laps and say ‘Shit, that Schumi is again driving in the lead’ until I realise that hey, it’s our Kimppa”, Matti said. Kimi being a superstar hasn’t changed Matti and Paula Räikkönen. “It’s wonderful that Kimi’s dream has come true but it doesn’t make us special in any way”, Paula said.

From: MTV3, January 2007

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