Iceman Kimi Räikkönen

Pre-Season Interview 2007

Kimi Räikkönen moved to Switzerland shortly after starting his career in Formula One.

Q: How are you enjoying your new country?
KR: I really enjoy my living in Switzerland compared to my third home in Monaco and I feel very much at home here. In Monaco the houses are very close to each other, but in Switzerland there is so much private space and it reminds me of my own country Finland. Also I like Switzerland because of the high level of living and it is like feeling at home! What I do not have in Finland are the high mountains and it is really beautiful! Also it is quiet and nice here and that is good for relaxing. Up till now I have tried some different winter sports and winter toys.

Kimi has plenty of time enjoying the Swiss Alps as it currently is a long winter-break in Formula One. Since childhood Kimi Räikkönen has always liked extreme sports involving anything with an engine, like skidoos, Jet-Skies, Moto-X. That is what he likes to do for his free time, anything that has a challenge! Seeing the way he pushes everything from the snowboard to the skidoo to the limit it comes as no surprise!

Q: How do you look back at your Formula One career so far?
KR: Well, I never really expected to come into it so quickly, especially not into one of the best teams. It has really gone the right way so far and I hope it will continue! It is great to be able to drive in the top teams, as you would have the possibility to win the races and also try to win the championships.”

Q: How do you feel about your new teammate?
KR: Well, Felipe Massa and I get along very well, but of course he will try to beat me and I will try to beat him! He has a lot of experience and it is too early to speculate the outcome. Anyway, I feel very much at home with the new situation, the Ferrari team and my teammate etc and I really look forward to the new season!

Q: Which car was your first one?
KR: Well, there is a car in Finland which is very popular and it is called Lada. When you see it you will probably smile, but as my first car I enjoyed it very much because it was my very own!

Q: How were your skills at school?
KR: It was quite normal, but at the same time I was a lot into racing.

Q: What ambitions do you have outside racing?
KR: I would like to have a family in the future.

Q: What is the negative side of Formula One?
KR: Most of it is good and people are mostly nice and friendly. There is one thing that I would like to change however and that is the break during the seasons. Right now there are very few breaks and I think it would do me good and the team to have some more breaks.

Q: Are you the only one driving in the family?
KR: No my brother drives in the Finnish National Rally Championship, but he does not take that seriously as I do with my racing. It is more like a hobby for him.

Q: Did you ever plan to be a Formula One driver when you were younger?
KR: No not at all. I never even thought of it. Those thoughts started first to come as a dream when I went to England for racing, then I just dreamed “maybe it would be possible….”

Q: Do you know the former Formula One Champion Mika Häkkinen?
KR: Yes, he has become a good friend of mine and we see each other once in a while. I do not have so much time, but he does! However, when we meet, we do not talk very much about racing.

Q: Does Mika Häkkinen give you any good advises?
KR: Well, in my opinion you cannot learn from somebody else how to drive the car, you have to do it yourself. If you are not good enough now you should not be in Formula One.

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