Iceman Kimi Räikkönen

Interview with Kimi 2009

How much fun does a world champion have in the midfield of F1?
You always have to fight more in every race when you don’t have such a strong car. And especially this year were we all are closer than before. That makes it exciting. But we all have more fun when we fight for the win.

Your last win is more than a year ago…
Of course it would be nicer if it wasn’t that long ago. But I’m sure we will win again this year. But it’s not easy to catch someone when you are behind.

How can you help as a driver in this situation?
I tell my engineers what I need. But they are still the same engineers who have built winning cars before so they know also without me. Everybody knows what he has to do.

No Italian chaos?
There is a lot of talk. The atmosphere is good. Sure, it would be better, if we win. That’s normal. But differently than some say are we working hard. And there is no conflict inside the team.

Also not in Barcelona, where you couldn’t get into second qualifying?
I thought I would come through. A silly mistake.

In Monaco the qualifying is very important because you can’t overtake…
Actually Monaco isn’t a good place to work. There isn’t much space. But the atmosphere is great for the fans. And also for us drivers it is a nice challenge to get the perfect lap. If you manage that, it’s a great feeling.

What is the most difficult spot?
The whole track is tricky. And this year we have to take care to not touch anywhere with the big front wings.

Do you have your yacht again in the harbor?
Probably not. And I have never slept on it but in the hotel. The yacht was for the guests. And it was mostly rented.

In Monaco there are lot of parties. Do you still like to party like in the past?
Yes, a lot. If I didn’t have to work I would enjoy even more.

Would you prefer to race in the wild 70s?
Definitely! (laughs) That would have been much easier! There it was more about racing. That I would have liked. Driving is the relaxing part of the race weekend for me.

What bothers you the most in current F1?
If I could only drive, nothing! That is what I love the most. I’m here to drive races.

For how long? Fernando Alonso should replace you 2010…
Yes, I now that rumor. I have a contract for next year. So I will definitely be here. What happens then, I don’t know. I have options to continue. But nobody knows what happens with F1.

Your buddy Sebastian Vettel is also under discussion for Ferrari. Would he suit the Scuderia?
He gets along with everybody. Sure he also wouldn’t have any problems at Ferrari.

Does he have a real chance for the championship?
Sure! I mean, he has a good car. And until now the Red Bull drove without double diffuser. I’m sure he will be quicker in Monaco when he has one. So Sebastian has every chance for the title. Because I think he will fight for the win in most races.

You beat him all the time in Badminton. Doesn’t he want to play something else?
We have already some other games…(laughs)

For example?
Table tennis.

Does he beat you at least there?
No, of course not! At least I still beat him off track this year.

Is it true that you move nearby him?
I move, but not to be close to him. But now we are just 10 minutes away. Before it was 25. Now I can beat him more often in Badminton.

Another hobby of yours is rally…
In the beginning of this year I drove a rally in Finland. When you do a job for years and then can do something where you learn anything every day, is that always more interesting. Rally is totally different to F1. You can’t compare it.

Does it appeal you to drive with 200 through snowy forests?
Probably rally is more dangerous than F1. There is no safety road. But the risk is not the point why I love rally. It is simply something different than F1.

Is that your biggest passion now?
There are a lot of things I like. But that doesn’t need to know the whole world. How boring life would be if you wouldn’t have any passions? I enjoy my life in any case.

Source: SportBild

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