Iceman Kimi Räikkönen

Jenni Dahlman about Kimi´s nerves

Kimi leaves the anger on the track – Jenni Dahlman has been following from close Kimi’s painful seasons in McLaren.

“Of course the DNFs bug Kimi terribly. He has never been angry at me even though his nerves have sometimes been on trial and the reporters have had to leave without any comments,” Jenni assures. “The worst of all was France GP when he was so close to winning. Kimi was swearing for a week about it and it was still burdening him in the next race in Germany. I have tried to support Kimi telling him not to care about the DNFs and it helps because they aren’t his own fault. It goes without saying that it always bugs Kimi when something breaks down but the nickname Iceman is right. Others would have lost their nerves completely,” Jenni said.

From: Turun Sanomat 12.10.2002


During his first season in McLaren in 2002 Kimi had to retire in 11 races. Half of the retirements were due to a DNF. Last season Kimi only had to retire in 3 races. When he now has already two retirements it’s easy to guess that he has no business to last season’s level. Jenni shares Kimi’s disappointments and she has also found new features in Kimi. “Kimi doesn’t anymore express his disappointment and anger when he has a DNF by throwing things around. Two years ago he got really fed up when the race didn’t go as it should have. After last season’s good results he knows what he is capable of and that’s why he can take bad luck better,” Jenni described.

From: Turun Sanomat 22.3.2004


“It would be fun to sometimes listen what Kimi’s first words inside of his helmet are when something happens. I bet a few swear words are flying,” Jenni says. “When something has gone wrong Kimi always goes straight to his own place in McLaren’s garage. If he is really fed up he might kick a door on his way. He never throws a tantrum at me, only to bad luck,” Jenni told Turun Sanomat. “When we leave for home he might say in the car, helicopter or airplane with one sentence that ‘it didn’t go well once again’. And that’s that.” Jenni admits that Kimi is especially irritated when he has to explain over and over again the same thing to different people.

From: Turun Sanomat 15.8.2004

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