Iceman Kimi Räikkönen

Kimi´s Top Quotes

He is described as quiet, taciturn or cold, just like professional, focused, fast and cool. In addition to driving skills Räikkönen proves in the rugged world of Formula 1 also strength of character. He drives boat races in a gorilla suit, he answered reporters’ questions freezing cold and he wins Formula 1 races. This Finn cannot be bended and says what he thinks – if he says something. Many people – including Formula 1 fans and experts – think it’s even still a rumor, but it is true: Kimi Räikkönen is an entertaining man! If you did not know better, you might almost think, the Finn let out his dry patters with the intention to test, which of the journalists understands his humor and which not. The hardest statements you can read here.

Place 38: Night before the race
Q: What do you do in the night before the race?
A: I sleep!

Place 37: Funny newspapers
What the papers write about me afterwards makes me laugh.

Place 36: F1 driving is boring sometimes
Q: Is it true that sometimes you’re bored in the car?
KR: Only when I am in front by a country mile, like in Melbourne last year. Then you are thinking about other things or you’re playing with the buttons on the steering wheel. Then I suddenly missed a breaking point. This year unfortunately we haven’t had such race.

Place 35: The silly press
Formula 1 would be a paradise without the media.

Place 34: Learning Italian?
Kimi at the Ferrari event 2007: I’m not going to a language school to learn Italian, that’s not what I came to do at Ferrari.

Place 33: Army service
If the army would be voluntary I wouldn’t go there.

Place 32: Donut at Belgium GP
On question about his donuts at the end of the last year’s Belgium Grand Prix, his reply was: “I lost it!”

Place 31: Just racing
Driving is the only thing I love about F1.

Place 30: Wrong ERA
My life would be much easier had I been a F1-driver in the 70’s with the guys. I was definitely born in the wrong ERA.

Place 29: The important helmet
Q: The helmet has a special meaning for many drivers. How important is it to you? 
KR: It protects my head.

Place 28: You have to listen!
Q: Would you go to any other team than Ferrari?
KR: Probably not.
Q: Definitely not?
KR: I said probably not.

Place 27: Why Kimi became a race-driver and not an icehockey-player
I have decided to do motorsports because I don´t have to get up there so early in the morning.

Place 26: Interviews are so …boring!
Q: The most exciting moment during the race weekend?
KR: I think it’s the race start, always. 
Q: The most boring?
KR: Now.

Place 25: New strategy?
Kimi seems to have a new strategy to get rid of the journalists:”Ah, go and interview Mikko Leppilampi. He likes to talk.”

Place 24: Just 5th place…
Q: Kimi, what’s the 5th grid place like? 
KR: It’s the 5th grid place.

Place 23: There is no willingness to talk
Kimi makes clear that the mean press doesn´t belong to one of his favorite conversation partners. (Thursday before the first race of the Saison)
KR: Come back tomorrow. I have still holidays today.

Place 22: Finnish music
Q: What is on your I-Pod?
KR: Mostly Finnish music, all sorts. You wouldn’t know, so it doesn’t matter what I say.

Place 21: A bit mad?
Q: Are you satisfied with the result? (Kimi again failed to score any point) 
KR: Do you think I am?

Place 20: Sauber, the boss
Q: What kind of relationship do you have with Peter Sauber? Is he a father figure or godfather?
KR: He is my boss.

Place 19: He really doesn´t know??
Q: What´s about your new Tattoo? Is it permanently?
KR: I don´t know.

Place 18: Is Kimi lazy?
Q: Kimi, how is the cooperation in the Team. Do you get along with everyone?
KR: Yeah it´s fine. But they have a much harder time with me than I with anyone else.
Q: What do you mean?
KR: I am a bit lazy sometimes.  

Place 17: Alonso doesn´t matter
Räikkönen isn’t affected by Alonso’s mental games. “I couldn’t care less what that man thinks!”

Place 16: Kimi disagree with Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton said that winning his first race felt better than having sex. Kimi´s reply to that was: “Maybe he never had sex.” 

Place 15: What Kimi makes flip out
Q: Kimi, have you ever got angry about anything, and jumped up and down and shouted?
KR: Yeah, many times but of course you’re not happy if you retire or something but I guess it mostly happens more in normal life than in racing. 
Q: Can you give us examples?
KR: No, not really. 
Q: What are the kind of things that make you angry in normal life, as you say?
KR: If you keep asking questions like those.

Place 14: A very precise statement
Kimi tells about the track conditions at the new Formula 1 circuit in Singapore:” It is narrow in some places, wide at the other – it depends on where you are.”

Place 13: Evening without Jenni
Kimi Räikkönen on the question whether he likes it when his wife accompanied him to the races:” Yes, without her the evening in the hotel room is so boring.”

Place 12: Kimi is worried about overlapping
Q: What advice would you give to the rookies Nico Rosberg and Scott Speed?
KR: I hope that they are good in making room!

Place 11: Dancing is not his thing
Kimi on finish Independence-Day Party at the President’s castle: “I think I will skip the dancing part. Maybe someone else dances with Jenni if she wants.”

Place 10: Kimi´s stay in Canada
Q: Kimi, how you spent the days here in Canada before the GP in Montreal?
KR: I arrived here on Tuesday. So I was here yesterday.

Place 9: Italian?? Nothing for Kimi
An Italian interviewer tries to get Kimi to say something in Italian. 
KR: You can talk Italian if you want to.

Place 8: What a logical ritual
Q: Do you have any special rituals when the helmet is concerned like many other drivers have? 
KR: I wipe it, so that I can see better.

Place 7: Hoisted with their own petard
Q: Gossip Media asks how have you prepared for the Saison?
KR: I usually get to read from your magazines what I have done.

Place 6: Schumi wants to be well represented? Kimi thinks yes!
I’m not interested in what people think about me. I’m not Michael Schumacher.

Place 5: Without words
Q: What makes TAG Heuer (Kimi´s main-sponsor) so special? 
KR: It’s ok.

Place 4: About whom he is talking here?
Kimi answered a question about his lack of emotion after winning a grand prix.
KR: It’s not my style. Yeah, winning feels good, but I’m not the type of guy who jumps up and down and rubs it in everyone’s face.

Place 3: Things you can do in Finland
Well, in summer there’s fishing and shagging. And in winter the fishing is bad.

Place 2: Kimi´s extraordinary hobby
Q: Kimi, do you have any hobbies?
KR: I collect walnuts.

Place 1: The classic
Q: Kimi Räikkönen doesn’t seem interested in the proceedings going on up there. Kimi, you missed the presentation by Pele.
KR: Yeah.
Q: Will you get over it?
KR: Yeah. I was having a shit.

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